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8 Pin, 4 Output Bypass Harness For Bobcat/Erskine/Quickattach Branded Attachments
The price shown is with Delphi connectors.  Please select Deutsch connections if required from the drop down box.  If you do not, we will ship you Delphi.  This harness no longer comes with both nor do you need adapters.
Allows you to connect from your ASV/Terex/(Cat up to 2014) to your Bobcat/Erskine/Quick Attach branded attachments.  Works with others, but check with us prior to ordering.
NEW for 2019:  Bobcat is now using 2 styles of connectors on their attachments.  Please look carefully at the photos and select accordingly.  Returns are expensive so please take the time up front to do it right.

It features a Dozer Blade install but the rules are the same for most attachments.

This is the harness that people have been blogging about all over the internet. We custom built these harnesses for a few people because we felt sorry for them as they have unknowingly bought Bobcat branded attachments that were 7 Pin compatible only. They were unaware that these attachments will not just plug into their new Cat 8 pin equipped, ASV and Terex machines. These attachments were designed specifically so you cannot do this.

How does it work?
Bobcat branded attachments that have a 7 pin harness installed have a computer installed on the attachments. We run our harnesses directly to the solenoids on the attachments. Bobcat installs a computer right in the middle of the action. In most cases it is total overkill and not needed. They have only a few attachments that have a lot of functions that need more than the usual 8 or 14 pin outputs on every other brand in the market. In our opinion, it has more to to with marketing. They are under the mistaken thought that you will only ever buy Bobcat branded attachments. Instead, it just costs you a lot of money changing them back to the way that every other manufacturer does it.

Our harness bypasses their computer and plugs directly into the solenoids and brings the attachment back to reality. The other end plugs into your 8 pin harness on your machine. The only issue we have seen is if your machine is not wired for enough outputs to run that particular attachment. Example. Cat A/B/C series loaders only have four electrical outputs but you may be trying to operate a Bobcat cold planer that requires 6 controlled outputs. This will work ok on items like brooms, but not much more. Not sure why they did not think ahead an allow for more outputs, but that is just the reality.

This harness allows for control of 4 solenoids. On Bobcat attachments, this does not necessarily mean 4 functions. They often use two solenoids for each function so we rely on you to check this out prior to ordering or check our published results to see if we have already done it. If you have enough outputs, check out our 6 output harness if you need to control more functions. Believe it or not, we actually sold one of these to a Bobcat machine and attachment owner who was continually having his attachment shut down due to so many connections coming out of his 7 pin. By removing the 7 pin controller and all of the wiring attributed to it, the harness was able to cut his down time to zero. He was very happy.

Use on Cat or ASV or Terex machines using a 8 pin Deutsch output.

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Bypass Harness – 4 Output – 8 Pin – #16 – 5 Wire, 9 Ft. Long, 4 Delphi Connectors Installed. 8 Pin Deutsch Connector with tool and instructions, Bypass Harness – 4 Output – 8 Pin – #16 – 5 Wire, 9 Ft. Long, 4 Deutsch Connectors Installed. 8 Pin Deutsch Connector, tool and instructions


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