Auger Belling Tool 12-36″


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Belling is done with this special drilling tool. Basically you have two wings, one on each side, that come out and they are hinged at the top.

Imagine a piece of pipe with a trap door bottom. Now think of two wings or cutting blades hinged at the top. The hinge slides up and down in slots.

The pier is drilled (12″ Auger) and then bell rig goes to work 2nd. Belling tool is placed on the bottom of the hole. Apply down pressure and then spin the tool. The down pressure causes the wings to come out cutting a bell shape.  Tool fills with dirt. Bring it up, rotate away from the hole. This is repeated until the hole is belled.

The holes are belled not only to hold the structure up, but also to keep it from “up” lifting.  Foundation repair is the business to be in right now. This is because the drought has caused the clay to dry up and shrink. Everything is falling. We’re seeing depressions more than 1 foot deep in some places. If your house is sitting partially on one of those depressions, there is a good chance of a break in your foundation if you don’t have good belled piers beneath your house.


400 lbs.