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The bullet tooth carbide rock auger is built to handle the toughest digging conditions. We build rock augers from 2” to 36” to work with skid steers. Put the power of your IDT auger drive unit to use in the toughest conditions with one of these heavy duty rock augers.

Our rock augers are built to handle frozen ground, asphalt, concrete, rock and highly compacted soils. All the leading edges are fully hardfaced to aid in wear life. We build them using a heavy duty center tube and use ¾” thick flighting on the head portion and then follow that with 3/8” thick flighting the rest of the length. The durability of the carbide bullet teeth allows it to handle high impact digging such as what you might find in a dirt/rock/cobble mix.

This style of rock auger has proven to be one of the most versatile rock augers on the market covering a wide variety of applications.



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