BrushHound FH-Series Flail Mower

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The FH-Series Brush Shredders

Designed to effectively cut and mulch heavy vegetation with standard flow power units. They come in three cutting widths (5, 6 and 7 feet) and can quickly turn brush and saplings into a mulch covered field. Cutting capacity .5-5”.


The BrushHound FH-Series is front-mounted with a universal skid steer style mounting plate. Discharge is down so no debris is thrown in the operator’s direction. The need for a demolition

cutting capacity. As with all BrushHound products, the cutter drum is electronically balanced for smoother operation.


  • PowerUnit: Attaches to skid

    steer and loaders.

  • 3 Knife Choices: Scoop, industrial or dethatching knives.
  • True Shaft Technology: An electronically balanced cutter drum with serviceable hubs to ensure straight shafts that run smooth for years of reliable, vibration-free operation.
  • Adjustable Cutting Heights: Adjustable rear roller.
  • Skid Shoes: Prevents damage to surfaces and adjusts grading height.
  • Caster Wheel: Front mounted height of cut (optional).


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48" BrushHound Flail Mower, 60" BrushHound Flail Mower, 72" BrushHound Flail Mower


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