BrushHound FHX Defender Mulcher (17-45 GPM)

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The Brushound FHX Defender Forestry Mulcher is the product of years of high-performance brush cutter engineering. It allows standard flow skid steers and track loaders to become powerful fuel reduction and land clearing tools.

With its efficient cutter design, it is perfectly suited for property maintenance, right-of-way clearing and creation or maintenance of defensible space in areas where wildfires are a threat. Like all BrushHound equipment, it is durable, dependable and easy to maintain. Cutting capacity up to 10″ intermittently, 6″ continuous.

Key Features

  • Quadco Cutter Knives. Easy to change. Four sided, single-piece steel alloy or carbide
  • True Shaft Technology. An electronically balanced cutter drum with serviceable hubs to ensure straight shafts that run smooth for years of reliable, vibration-free operation
  • Goodyear Eagle Timed Belt. Increases efficiency, power and torque; Self-Aligning belt reduces maintenance
  • Cutter Drum. 12.75-inch Diameter, 3/4 inch Thick, 2,000 RPM
  • Engineered for Standard Flow Loaders. Only 17 GPM hydraulic flow required.
  • Cuts Material up to 10″. Grasses, vines, trees
  • Dual Replaceable Recutter Bars.  For extra fine mulch
  • Hardox Shield. Liner made of Hardox 400 for wear resistance and strength
  • Adjustable Recutter Door. Control vegetation recycling or increase cutting surface access
  • Adjustable Brush/Tree Bumper. Push debris into cutting path
  • Piston Motor Options. Maximize your loader’s power output


The FHX Defender Foresty Mulcher is a fixed-tooth brush cutter that was designed to maximize all the power your standard flow skid steer or track loader has to offer. This brush cutter has been optimized to quickly and efficiently shred a wide variety of brush, vines and trees.


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