IDT HD (11-20 GPM) 2-Blades


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IDT HD (11-20 GPM) 2-Blade

The IDT 60″ & 72″ OPEN FRONT HD (11-20 GPM) 2-Blade Brush Cutters are an unbelievable land clearing machines. Use the Heavy Duty Brush Cutter to clear property line, gas lines, and building lots. The Brush Cutter is capable of cutting up to 5″ diameter brush. The IDT Brush Cutter features a robust Parker AMERICAN (11-20) GPM high torque motor system matched to an 100 HP rated RC100 OMNIS gearbox. The gearbox increases the (tip speed X 1.9).  These gear boxes are ROBUST.  Many “.com” companies sell a similar cutter w/ this motor mounted “direct drive”.  We would not incur the extra expense of the gear box if THIS WAS NOT THE WAY TO GO.  These Brush Cutters also come standard with an internal relief valve.

*** Some say “DON’T BUY A BRUSH CUTTER WITH A GEARBOX”… we have a non-existent failure rate w/ this combo!

This Brush Cutter features a DOUBLE 1/2″ Flywheel and 5/8″ AR400 Blades like on our BRUSHZILLA Cutters, but in a 2-Blade configuration!

The Brush Cutter is Bi-Directional.

The blades will spin in both directions allowing you to utilize one side for cutting tall grass and the other side for kicking @$$

60″ Weight: 994 lbs.

72″ Weight: 1072 lbs


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60" HD 2-Blade, 72" HD 2-Blade