StumpZILLA Grubbing Beast Stump Bucket


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Our StumpZILLA stump & grubbing bucket is NEW FOR 2022 from Amarekan Manufacturing!  Traditional stump buckets utilize a flat cutting edge with welded teeth.  This tooth design has been replicated and copied by all skid steer manufacturers for years… the StumpZILLA is going to make this “old school” tooth design obsolete in the tree and stump removal market.  The Amarekan Mfg StumpZILLA bucket edge offers much less resistance vs. the old tooth edge design to penetrate and cut auxillary roots and dirt which “grabs and grubs”!

The CNC machined grubbing edge is 1″ thick American steel gusseted by a saw tooth inset edge to facilitate cutting under stumps and grabbing them as you apply upward pressure.  This unique design originates from our now infamous Mesquiter Tree Grubber which has proven itself to remove mesquite trees by penetrating and holding the stump in place while applying max pressure.  The 1/2″ thick bucket sides also sport the saw edge to allow back and forth cutting action.  The large reverse curled side cutter teeth used by our “competitors” on their bucket sides get stuck under the stump which do not offer this back and forth cutting action.

The StumpZILLA is built with a monstrous 4″ square tube frame to support the abuse you will deal out with the largest of skid steer machines.  In addition we have added serrated steps for safety while you are getting in and out of your machine.  At 54″ in length you are able to apply MAX prying pressure.  With such a stout design this beast can also be used to pry up huge rocks impeded in your rocky ground.  In addition the StumpZILLA will pull up sidewalks, asphalt, dig ditches, and remove old fence posts.

The StumpZILLA is made in the U.S.A. by hard working proud Americans in Dewey, Oklahoma.  Amarekan Manufacturing StumpZILLA is backed by our 1-year warranty!  This unit comes standard with a standard skid steer heavy duty universal “quick attach” mount.

StumpZILLA weight:  465 lbs.




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Weight 525 lbs
Dimensions 72 × 36 × 24 in