I Dig Texas TREE TAP Grubber

$2,195.00 $1,895.00



The Tree Tap grubber is the first product designed in-house by I Dig Texas founder Tom Marek.  I have fought Mesquite, Huisache, Cedar etc. at my own ranch for years and have been searching for the solution.   THIS IS IT!  We are in production as we speak, but to get one of these monsters you must put down a deposit because they are in HIGH DEMAND!

Built on a 4×4″ frame, 1″ plates for grubber shoe and snout, and gussets of 3/4″.  Want to mount it on a wheel loader or excavator?  I DARE YOU!

We do have our prototype here if you want to come check it out.  Videos are in the works to show the amazing power of the TREE TAP (and yes… patents pending!)

We are currently designing a hydraulic mechanism which will put down 40,000 lbs of tree pulling force (be patient, we are ON IT!)

Weight is 800 lbs. on the 1″ model!  We are also producing a 5/8″ model for 75 HP machines and below.


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