* Pick up at our location in Marble Falls, TX is FREE. We have machines on site to load your truck or trailer.


I Dig Texas stocks more skid steer attachments than any of our competitors in the United States!  If you see a product on our website it is likely in stock at our Marble Falls, TX SUPERSTORE and ready to pick-up that day or ship w/in 2 business days.  It’s not possible to keep ALL of the offerings in every size all the time but we do our best!  In the unlikely event that we do not have an attachment in stock (see below – Special Order Items), we will notify you and give you the option to cancel or consider the provided lead-time and make your decision based on that information.  


Is my address considered a “commercial, residential,  or rural address”?

Nobody wants to be penalized for extra freight for living outside of the city OR at a residential address.  The freight company’s records determine if your property is residential, rural, or a commercial address. WE HAVE ZERO CONTROL ON HOW THEY DEEM ZONING OF A DELIVERY.  If you are out in the country and do not want to pay the extra delivery charges you can arrange to pickup your order at the closest freight shipping dock.  Please check with Kody at (512)317-3282 for the location of the closest shipping dock in your state prior to ordering.  This is commonly known as or called a “Will-Call” and gives you flexibility to arrange based on your schedule.  Re-delivery fees are very expensive so if you think you will not be available please use this method. Keep in mind we are country folks too and understand the extra shipping expense is not ideal.. BUT, it beats living in the city!

A commercial delivery address MUST MEET ALL of the following criteria:

  1. Regular 9-5pm business hours and a sign that marks the location.  If driver shows up and you are not there a re-delivery charge will be required!
  2. Business must have a forklift (one that runs) or a loading dock.  If driver shows up and you are not able to unload there will be a re-delivery charge!
  3. If you run a business at your ranch or farm that does not automatically qualify as a “commercial address”.
  4. The freight company determines: residential, rural, or a commercial address. WE HAVE ZERO CONTROL ON HOW THEY DEEM ZONING OF A DELIVERY.
  5. Freight truck driver is NOT RESPONSIBLE for unloading (unless lift gate is required).
  6. Once the Bill of Lading document is signed upon delivery you are accepting the attachments/items are in satisfactory condition and free of freight damage.  Damage claims CANNOT be filed if you do not document the damage on the Bill of Lading AND KEEP YOUR COPY!  We will work to resolve with as little bureaucracy as possible!

A residential delivery address MUST MEET ALL of the following criteria:

  1. The United States Postal Service determines if your address is zoned residential.
  2. All residential orders that are submitted as “commercial” to avoid the additional fees (+95) will be CANCELLED/VOIDED and you will be required to be re-submit your order if you choose to purchase the requested products.
  3. Base Shipping Charges cover shipping to a business/commercial address or a freight depot (Freight Cross-Dock). Base Shipping does not apply to home delivery in a residential zoned property area.
  4. Base Shipping Charges DO NOT include lift gate services (+$75).  If you order and do not request a lift-gate and the driver is unable to unload you will be responsible for the re-delivery charges from the freight company!  Your order will be held until these charges are paid to IDT.
  5. Base Shipping Charges DO NOT include a “call-ahead for appointment window (+25).  If you miss your delivery YOU will be responsible for re-delivery charges from the freight company.  Your order will be held until these charges are paid to IDT.
  6. If you require unique shipping services, please let us know, and we will hold your order and get back to you with an appropriate quote. Farms and construction sites that require special shipping services will also be quoted and billed separately prior to shipment.

SPO – Special Order Items


A Special Order Attachment is defined as an attachment that is not a “regular stock” item with I Dig Texas and that the customer contracts with I Dig Texas to order the production of the attachment or product. Payment for Special Order Items are due on the date of order.

Freight Damages & Lost Shipments

In the rare case of receiving an item that has been damaged during transit, it is your responsibility to note any and all damage on the Bill of Lading (BOL), upon delivery.  You will also be responsible for filing a freight claim with the carrier. For our part, we will do everything we can to be an advocate on your behalf, and assist in negotiating with the carrier to remedy the situation.

In the equally rare case of a lost shipment, please notify us if you have not received your order in a timely manner. We stock the majority of items we advertise and sell, and pride ourselves on prompt, accurate shipments. If your order has been lost in transit, we will work with the carrier to find it. Please give us up to two weeks to notify the carrier of the issue and to locate your order. If after exhausting all avenues, and verifying with the carrier that your order is indeed lost, we will ship an additional item to you at no cost.