I Dig Texas stocks more skid steer attachments than any of our competition in the United States! If you see a product on our website it is likely a “regular stock” item at our Marble Falls, TX superstore and ready for pick-up that day or ship Saia freight lines within 2 business days. However, it’s not possible to keep all of the offerings in every size in stock at all times but we do our best working together with our sister company Amarekan Manufacturing in Dewey, OK. If, in the unlikely event that we do not have an attachment in stock, we will place that order for “drop-shipment” direct to you from the manufacturing facility. Please contact us to check availability if timing is crucial or you plan to drive to our store.

Free White Glove Shipping On Orders $2,500+

For a limited time we are offering “no strings attached” free white glove shipping on all orders over $2,500! That’s right, for only twenty five hundred bucks or more your order qualifies for white glove Saia freight delivery right to your door (residential, rural, or commercial) … even to your ranch gate with zero fees!!!

If you miss an appointment or need to change delivery locations, there is a related fee, but you can avoid that. Please do not miss your delivery, we cannot/will not under any circumstance pay for re-delivery! Thank you for understanding!

What items don't ship free and why?

Items meeting or exceeding 8ft in ANY dimension are not accepted by our freight carrier.

How Our “Not Free Shipping” Works

*** For orders under $2,500 ***

Pro tip: if you don’t have a commercial address to deliver to, call IDT Shipping Department at (512) 317-3282 to coordinate a pick-up at the Saia freight dock for “will-call” (no additional fees). Many of our customers love this option because they can show up on their own schedule and the dock folks will load your truck or trailer. It’s the quickest way to get your attachments to work asap!

A commercial delivery address must meet all of the following criteria:

  1. Regular 9am-5pm business hours and a sign that marks the location. If the freight driver shows up and you are not there a re-delivery charge will be required.
  2. Business must have a forklift (one that runs) or a loading dock. If driver shows up and you are not able to unload there will be a re-delivery charge! Please have a machine ready to unload or a liftgate fee will be required.
  3. If you run a business at your ranch or farm that does not automatically qualify as a “commercial address”. Just because trucks deliver to your ranch does not designate your property a “commercial address” in the eyes of the freight company.
  4. The freight company determines residential, rural, or a commercial address and there are additional fees for residential or rural deliveries. We have zero control on how they deem zoning of a delivery.
  5. Freight truck driver is not responsible for unloading (unless lift gate is required and associated fee has been paid by the customer).
  6. Once the bill of lading document is signed upon delivery you are accepting the attachments/items in satisfactory condition and free of freight damage.

How Our Standard Shipping Works

We spend 24/7 & 365 working on keeping our website up to date with the most current shipping rates while taking the “nuances” of shipping big steel into account. Much time goes into making your shopping (and shipping) experience straight-forward and without hassle and surprises. There are many factors which can affect the cost to ship an item that are constantly being adjusted for at IDT.

Many of our products hit the max limits of what Saia LTL freight lines will handle. Due to the large nature of some skid steer attachments they can be classified as “over-size” or “excessive length” and require additional delivery fees. We will work with you to try to find the best solution!

Pick-up At Saia Freight Terminal

The really nice thing about picking-up your freight is you can do it on your schedule, without any need to set appointments. It typically takes a day or two for your local terminal to receive, schedule, and send a local truck. By picking up at the terminal you can cut that wait time down and avoid any potential delivery fees!

Search for a Saia terminal in your state or closest location for pick-up here. When you show up to the shipping terminal they will check your id, tracking “pro” number, and load your pick-up or trailer with their forklifts. The really nice thing about picking-up your freight is you can do it on your schedule, without any need to set appointments.

Pro tip: call IDT Shipping Department at (512) 317-3282 to coordinate a pick-up at the freight dock for “will-call” (no fees).

Why Did I Get Billed A Fee After Delivery?

You will be held solely responsible for any additional freight charges incurred if the freight company determines (I) your classification as residential or rural vs. commercial is incorrect, (ii) you miss your delivery and re-delivery is necessary or (iii) any additional equipment (I.E. A liftgate) is required upon delivery. By purchasing on our website, you agree we can charge your card for these additional fees incurred:

Lift-gate Service: $95

“Lift-gate charge” – our customers are responsible for having a loading dock or operational machine and personnel to meet, unload, and sign for delivery confirmation. Lift-gate charges are not covered by IDT. Lift-gates are not built or suited for the safe handling of large attachments.

Reclassified As Residential Delivery: $125

If you chose commercial delivery address and Saia freight lines determine the address to be residential this is the associated fee.

Reclassified As Rural Delivery: $225

If you chose commercial or residential delivery address and Saia freight lines determine the address to be rural this is the associated fee.

Reconsignment (Change of Delivery): $95

In the event the customer needs to change delivery address (to be provided in writing) this is the associated fee.

Missed Appointment: $150

“Fees” – the four letter word! I Dig Texas does not want to collect fees for delivery errors. We absolutely want to avoid and prevent any unnecessarily bad situations at all costs!!!… please call IDT Shipping Department at (512) 317-3282 before you order if you have questions regarding freight delivery!

My Package Arrived Incomplete or Damaged?

*** Damage claims cannot be filed with Saia freight if you do not document any damage or missing items on the bill of lading! Keep a copy as we will request you take a picture to send to us for processing the claim. Saia freight is the best carrier in our years of experience. Saia is responsible ultimately for honoring freight claims and we cannot control them or force them to change their rules or move faster in any process.

*** Freight Drivers Are Not Concerned With Your Best Interest ***

*** Do not let them pressure you into signing for damaged or incomplete deliveries!!! ***

Check your bill of lading (BOL) from the freight company and it will tell you how many pieces (pallets) you are to receive. If you have 3 pallets on your BOL and you sign you are acknowledging the order was received in full and we will not be able to dispute the missing freight if you only receive two pallets. It is very very very important to check and make sure all items you ordered arrived and are in good shape. Do not do not do not let the freight driver pressure you into signing for incomplete or damaged shipments. Refuse to sign and contact I Dig Texas at (512) 317-3282.

In the equally rare case of a “lost shipment”, please notify us if you have not received your order in a timely manner. We stock the majority of items we advertise and sell, and pride ourselves on prompt, accurate shipments. If your attachment/s have been lost in transit, we will work with the carrier to find it. Please give us up to two weeks to notify the carrier.