AMFG "aMAREKan Manufacturing" was founded by Tom Marek in 2021 in Dewey, OK. Prior to AMFG Tom had founded I Dig Texas in Marble Falls, TX. Along with an amazing team and a well stocked physical location I Dig Texas enjoyed a fantastic local customer base for the first few years. In 2020 Covid broke the supply chain and simultaneously business started booming. Our internet and national presence exploded. There was not enough equipment to meet the sudden vicious market demand.


The industry manufacturers lead times were suddenly running up to one year+. We were stuck with others lack of adaptation limiting our growth! In the wake of Covid business continued to skyrocket. The problem was... our customers were enjoying their new lifestyle working remotely! They suddenly had the time to accomplish the long list of chores that had piled up over many years. In addition, folks were leaving the city and headed out west to buy a ranch. It seemed like overnight everyone had land to clear, improve, or develop. There were fences, roads, and countless other projects that needed to be done and finding contractors proved for many an impossible task.

When the decision was made to create Amarekan Mfg., Tom Marek was insistent right off the bat to only build the best of the best. Although Tom had zero experience in manufacturing he took a run at it and the venture immediately fell into failure mode. But everybody loves a good comeback story right? One morning close to giving up Tom's wife convinced him to get up, get on a plane, and camp out in Oklahoma. Come hell or high water the decision was made to never give up!

Fast forward to today. Under the leadership of our plant manager Tyler Lay, shop foreman Ben "OG" Smasal, and robotics guru Howard Hampton we are now running like a well oiled machine. The Amarekan team is a family folks. We have succeeded together, and overcome substantial challenges in the wake of "Covid".

At the beginning, middle and end of the day our goal is to build the absolute best quality attachments available anywhere on the market! We eat, sleep and breathe attachments here at Amarekan and our constant stream of new product releases weekly have proven to grab the attention of buyers looking for the best of the best!

And now its 2023 and at AMFG we still don't ever sacrifice quality to save a buck. For example: instead of opting for the Chinese cylinders other "USA manufacturers" are employing we launched an in-house machine shop to build our cylinders from raw material. The Marek family took a substantial risk and followed their Amarekan dream. For anyone reading this that is considering starting a business remember it comes with trials and tribulations. AMFG started as a chaotic disorganized mess, but with some rearrangement we found one by one an incredibly talented team that carry AMFG daily. You can see the attention to detail in all AMFG products.

Amarekan Manufacturing's status in the equipment industry is on the run as we continue to innovate and improve on many of the outdated attachment designs. It has been an amazing journey and we have met a lot of incredible folks. Thanks to our loyal customer base the Amarekan team has been able to break out of the box and create hand crafted world class attachments!

Paul "Pablo Picasso" in the process laying down the most durable finish you will see on attachments. The cheap powder coat that our competitor's use is not nearly as tough as our unique paint process. We use American PPG paint only, no cutting corners here. Paul has contributed to Amarekan in way more than just the paint booth. Paul is a guy that can pretty much repair, operate, or build anything along with the team.