EZG MudHog Trailer Mixer 9 Cu Ft



Model MH9

• 2 to 3 bag capacity or 9 cu. ft. (.25 m3)
• Will mix up to 3/4″ (1.9 cm) aggregate
• Hydraulic drive, hydraulic dump
• GX270 8 HP Honda® engine (optional electric motor)
• Unique paddle design consists of four reversible mixing paddles to decrease batch time; one-year warranty on rubber blades
• Adjustable height – loads below waste high enough to load into a wheelbarrow
• Highway tires and torsion axle for smoother suspension – tow package is designed to pull from the side so that wheels are out of the way of wheelbarrow or the forks on a forklift

• Easier to back into sand pile
• Optional brake and light kit