King Coiler Wire Winder

$945.00 $855.00


-Unclip fence and drop wires on the ground.

-Push dead man shaft into ground to stabilize the post hole digger.

-Wrap wire around and tie wire to wire. ( NOT to wire winder)

– Engage winder at idle speed and gradually increase speed after there are  a few wraps of wire on wire winder.

-Lean the coiler back and forth slightly to evenly wind wire up and down on Wire Dawg.

-When end of wire is in sight, decrease speed and stop machine. Finish by securing ends of wire to wire ball.

-To remove wire bale, unlock and release cam, wire will simply drop off.

-Add the Wire Pup accessory to save wire for reuse. Wire can be stored on Wire Pup or remove bottom plate and release the cam to drop ball of wire.


Rolls of junk wire may easily be transported to the recycling center.


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