PREMIER AC720C Ammbusher H/F Brush Cutter


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With over 25 years of experience, Ammbusher is a brand that can be trusted for building safe and reliable heavy-duty brush cutters for skid steer loaders. Our Safety for operators, bystanders and property was the leading factor when it came to the design of our brush cutter. Since 2007 we have used our simple and safe intake door that allows for larger trees, up to 7” in diameter, to enter the blade cutting area.
  • Heavy duty push bar designed to push trees and brush down in front of the brush cutter
  • 100% made in USA
  • Main deck is constructed of ¼” steel
  • Front of deck has additional 3/8” steel re-enforcement
  • Built in hydraulic pressure gauge to monitor the load that the brush cutter attachment is under
  • Blade carriers are completely balanced prior to shipping
  • Every brush cutter is test ran on a skid loader before leaving the factory
  • Spindle Interrupters to cut and help prevent vegetation, twine and wire from wrapping around the drive shaft
  • Replaceable wear shoes
Weight: 2,250 lbs.


Additional information

Weight2000 lbs
Dimensions78 × 78 × 36 in