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IDT Concrete Bucket 1 Yard

IDT Concrete Bucket 1 Yard

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Categories: Concrete & Masonry

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CID Skid Steer Concrete Bucket Attachment


IDT's Skid Steer Concrete Bucket Attachment is designed to be the perfect solution for carrying and accurately placing concrete in areas that are inaccessible to trucks. The Skid Steer Concrete Bucket enables you to transport and pour significant volumes of concrete with ease. Whether you're pouring foundations, sidewalks, or any other concrete structure, this bucket provides efficiency and productivity, reducing the need for manual labor and multiple trips to the mixing site.

Available in 3 different hopper sizes, the Skid Steer Concrete Bucket is optimized for precise and controlled pouring. The smooth interior surface ensures easy and consistent flow of concrete, resulting in uniform placement and minimizing waste. The attachment's hydraulically controlled chute gate allows operators to adjust the flow rate, ensuring accurate pouring and preventing overfilling.

The versatility of the Skid Steer Concrete Bucket extends beyond concrete pouring. It can also be used for transporting other bulk materials, such as sand, gravel, or debris, making it a versatile addition to your fleet of attachments.


  • 3/16″ steel 
  • Chute extender