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Skid-Pak Vibratory Plate Compactor

Skid-Pak Vibratory Plate Compactor

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The Ho-Pac 1000c model fits nearly all small to large skid steers, while the Ho-Pac model 1600 fits virtually all larger loader/backhoes and small to medium excavators.  The 1000cs model is designed specifically for skid steers.  All hydraulic attachments operate off the machine's hydraulic system with the 1000c and 1000cs requiring only 18 gpm of oil flow and the 1600 requiring an oil flow of only 30 gpm!

The 1000c and 1000cs models compact in densities in excess of 95% proctor and in lifts 3-feet.  More efficient and less expensive, these plate compactors can compact 30 or more cubic yards per hour.  Their 8,000 pounds of impulse force at 2,000 cycles per minute makes it an ideal compactor and driver using either a 24" base plate.

The Ho-Pac 1600 model is interchangeable with the machine's bucket in minutes.  Using impulse force, down pressure, and vibration, it compacts most types of soil in lifts of 4-feet and in densities of excess 95% proctor with a 29" or 24" (optional) base plate.  Also, the 1600 is widely used for driving wood and steel sheeting, h and I beams, piling and aluminum sea walls.

  • Larger eccentric with mass further away from shaft centerline helps to increase impulse and compaction force.
  • Sealed bearings provide maintenance-free (no greasing) lubrication on 1000c and 1000cs models
  • New hose routing for better protection against sheared or damaged hoses
  • Worry-free "plug-and-go" installation
  • Tough-coat hoses prevent cuts and extend wear-life
  • Four-function valve controls controls flow, pressure, regeneration and oil flow direction
  • 0ptional backfill blades and custom sized base plates are available

*1,200 lb. working weight