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IDT WoodChuck Disc Mulcher 60"

IDT WoodChuck Disc Mulcher 60"

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Categories: Forestry Mulchers

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The WoodChuck disc mulcher features a 60″ diameter cutting area and a machined and statically 1" machined and balanced disc. The WoodChuck features a high flow (32-44 GPM) 150cc motor.  The design of a disc mulcher makes them ideal to clear 6-10" material rapidly.  Please be aware disc mulchers (none of them) create fine mulch like the drum type mulchers.  They do move through ground quickly and will suck up trees all day and spit out toothpicks.

*** Beware!  These are not for sissies!  You must have a cab with a door! ***

82″ in total width

37″ height

78″ front to back

The disc holds a total of 49 mulching teeth.  Beast teeth!

60″ diameter disc-no welding

150cc motor

3/8″ deck and sides

Cuts at and slightly below ground!

2 years later we have had a zero... Yes folks a zero failure rate on these units!!!

weight:  2,425