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Premier Standard Flow Auger Drives (7-30 GPM)

Premier Standard Flow Auger Drives (7-30 GPM)

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Premier Heavy Duty (“MD” series) Auger Drives


Why are Premier standard duty “MD” medium-duty aka standard duty high output auger drives the #1 selling auger drive offered at I Dig Texas?

  • All Premier standard duty drives are built with Auburn planetary drive gear gearboxes
  • All Premier standard duty drives are built with Eaton hydraulic motors
  • Premier products are proudly engineered, manufactured, and assembled in Fort Wayne, Indiana
  • After years of experience Premier continues to offer the lowest (nearly non-existent) failure rate

3 year warranty – (handled directly in-house by IDT)

Premier standard/medium duty augers are priced right and designed and engineered for applications where a industrial grade auger may not be necessary.

Includes drive unit, hose kit, and 1/2" flat-face couplers (standard skid steer couplers)

All units (in-stock) come standard with 2" hex drive

*Units do not require case-drain (3rd hydraulic line)*

Available mounting brackets include 6-bolt universal skid steer, Global/Euro, Global II, John Deere 400 & 500, John Deere 600 & 700, John Deere H Series, as well as bolt-on bucket mounts and custom built mounts

* Units do not require case-drain (3rd hydraulic line) *

*** All Premier augers are represented by the manufacturer "Premier Hydraulic Augers" in Fort Wayne, IN. To be made in the USA. I Dig Texas cannot confirm the origin of each part and piece in Premier products so the possibility of "foreign components" within the USA fabricated and assembled Premier products is likely.