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Baumalight Rotary Boom Cutters

Baumalight Rotary Boom Cutters

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SWA750 Boom Mower for Skidsteer

Baumalight’s SWA750 Boom Mower is a convenient skidsteer attachment that makes mowing ditches, roadsides and fence lines easier than ever. Unlike our other ditch mower models, the SWA750 uses rotary cutting blades instead of our flail teeth. The cutting blades are mounted on a 42” wide adjustable height mowing deck. This heavy duty ditch mower is designed to work with skidsteers with a minimum carrier weight of 8 ,000 lbs. The SWA750 is available with two piston motor options. With a 7 foot reach, the curved single arm boom gives you easy access hard to reach grass. When it’s time to move on to the next project, the boom conveniently folds up for better clearance during travel.