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TPD1250 "Sidewinder" Texas Post Driver

TPD1250 "Sidewinder" Texas Post Driver

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Step 1: Choose a post driver tool Required
Step 2: Choose a breaker tool
Step 3: Add 3 ft. high fence mount
Step 4: Add T-post Adapter


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Texas Post Driver "Sidewinder" 1250

What makes the "Sidewinder" different from the "Other" options on the market:

  • The Sidewinder is the 1st side-mounted post driver engineered to handle the power delivered by the TPD750 & TPD1250 ft. lb. nitrogen power cells
  • The Sidewinder is the 1st duo-tach post driver mounting system which allows you to drive posts on the left or right side of machine
  • The Sidewinder is the 1st side-mounted post driver capable of driving up to 8" O.D. Posts & pipe
  • The Sidewinder is the 1st side-mounted post driver with optional high fence extension reaching up to 13 feet high
  • The Sidewinder is the 1st side-mounted post driver capable of running a concrete/rock hammer tool (moil or chisel point)

What makes all Texas Post Drivers different (better) than the "other" options on the market?

  • All Sidewinder mounts, adapters, hoses, & couplers are sourced here in the good ol' USA
  • All Sidewinder drivers come with a complete LIFETIME WARRANTY - direct from IDT!
  • All Sidewinder drivers come with a 3/4" gusseted main frame sandwiched between two 3/8" solid blank universal mounts.
  • Folks, that's 1.5 " thick!!!  Yes, it has the backbone of a beast!!!
  • All Sidewinder drivers utilize the same proven nitrogen power cells that have reliably powered all texas post drivers for years
  • The Sidewinder design takes up very little space in your trailer!
  • 8" I.D. (inner diameter) "Flat or dome tool" for driving up to 8" O.D. (outer diameter) wooden posts and steel pipe
  • Choice between a moil or chisel point rock breaker tool
  • 1-year warranty on driver cup and breaker tool

Included FREE with all Sidewinder Post Drivers:

  • Free shipping (see details here)
  • Nitrogen charge kit (all of our drivers come pre-charged "ready-to-work")


  • Energy class: 750 ft. lb.
  • Weight of post driver with skid steer mount: 1,430 lbs
  • Minimum skid steer lifting capacity: 1,500 lbs
  • Minimum oil flow - gallons per minute (gpm): 11 gpm
  • Minimum working pressure: 2,000+ psi
  • Blow rate: 650-1,400 blows per minute (relative to idle speed)
  • Chisel shaft diameter: 2.7"
  • Thickness of sandwiched steel plate frame: 1.5" (thickest in the industry!)
  • Comes with tool box, nitrogen charge kit, and filled nitrogen bottle