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Denis Cimaf 180D Mulcher Head

Denis Cimaf 180D Mulcher Head

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Denis Cimaf DAF-180D Skid Steer Forestry Mulcher

For operators looking for the ultimate blend of efficiency and power, Denis Cimaf designs and manufactures some of the most heavy-duty skid steer forestry mulcher attachments available on the market today. Optimized for extreme and industrial-grade applications, these front-mounted mulchers boast top-of-the-line components that set Denis Cimaf models apart. Variable displacement axial-piston motors provide exceptional mowing and mulching power, while minimizing overheating and improving re-acceleration. The mulcher knives on these attachments are heat-treated, bolt-on, forged, and easy to replace with a single nut and bolt, all while delivering maximum cutting abilities and resistance to abrasion.

Put a Denis Cimaf forestry mulcher to the test and see why these powerful attachments are used by industry-professionals worldwide. Denis Cimaf forestry mulchers come standard with a set of spare blades, a set of tools and maintenance accessories, as well as a motorized blade sharpener for on-demand blade sharpening.