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EZG Concrete Hog Pump Trailer

EZG Concrete Hog Pump Trailer

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Hog Pump The Concrete Pumping Machine

Introducing the rugged and reliable EZG pump series, perfect for handling grout, mortar, and concrete in various construction applications. Designed for filling block walls with grout or pea gravel, this pump is equipped with features that make it a top choice for contractors.

Featuring a powerful 58 HP Kubota® Diesel DOC Final Tier 4 engine, this pump delivers exceptional performance. With a pumping distance of 800ft (244m) horizontally and 200ft (61m) vertically, it provides the versatility needed for a wide range of jobs. The 8cu.ft.(225L) hopper allows for easy loading, while the fully-reversible S-Tube valve offers increased ease and safety over traditional "ball valve" designs.

The EZG pump series also comes with the Plus 1 control system, featuring a DM430 Digital display for diagnostics and monitoring, ensuring efficient operation. It can handle up to 3/4" (20mm) aggregate, and delivers up to 18 cu.yd. (13.8 m3) per hour with a 2" (50mm) line, making it highly productive on the job site.

For operator convenience and safety, the optional wireless remote option provides easy control from a distance. With dimensions of 162" x 72" x 84", this pump is compact and easy to transport to and from job sites. Plus, it's proudly made in the USA, ensuring quality craftsmanship and durability.

HP-20T4 Features:

  • Ideal for filling block walls with grout or pea gravel; handles grout, mortar and concrete
  • Plus 1 control system with a DM430 Digital display for diagnostic & monitoring
  • Pumping distance of 800ft (244m) horizontal and 200 ft. (61 m) vertical
  • Handles up to 3/4"(20mm) aggregate
  • Features an 8cu.ft.(225L) hopper
  • Delivers up to 18 cu.yd. (13.8 m3) per hour with a 2" (50 mm) line
  • Fully-reversible S-Tube valve for increased ease and safety over “ball valve” designs
  • Powered by a 58 HP Kubota®Diesel DOC Final Tier 4
  • Optional wireless remote option for operator convenience and safety
  • Includes Fork Pockets 4" by 7"
  • Dimension: 162" x 72" x 84"
  • Owners Manual
  • Made in the USA