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EZG Fencer's Cement Hog

EZG Fencer's Cement Hog

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Categories: Concrete & Masonry EZG

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The EZG Fencers Cement Hog allows your to control transport and delivery of your materials efficiently and with ease.  The Hog has an Empty weight of 1,050 lbs. and a GROSS weight (FULL) of 5,050 lbs.

-FCH100 Dimensions without extensions: 34.5 x 76.31 x 48.5

-857.25 x 1912.9 x 1035.1 (d x w x h)

-OD Discharge with 6 ft. Flexible Hose

-Auger Tube - 10"

-Variable Pitch Auger - 7½"

-Hydraulic flow rate - 8 gpm @ 2000 psi

-Hook to auxiliary hydraulics on your loaders or forklift

-Delivers wet or dry material - even dry sand

-Unloads 1/2 OR 1 cubic yard of material in two minutes