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EZG Hog Crusher

EZG Hog Crusher

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The Sustainable Solution!

Reduce waste and make more $$$ w/ the "Hog Crusher"

(22+ gpm)

100% made in the USA in Colorado by EZG Maufacturing! Go green with the Hog Crusher® concrete crusher, the material recycling solution that cuts down on job site waste. This high-power material recycler reduces the amount of bulk debris transported by dumpsters to landfills. The hog crusher handles brick, block, stone, asphalt and non-reinforced concrete.

Reuse site materials

Crushed stone and packed dirt can be reused as filler, to help supplement gravel walkways and more. This capability is extra helpful in muddy or remote job sites.

Save time and money

The Hog Crusher can save the average contracting team up to 75% of funds typically spent on dumpsters. Combined with an intuitive operation manual, your team can quickly learn how to safely use this equipment and immediately improve your team's efficiency.