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IDT Log Splitter - Inverted

IDT Log Splitter - Inverted

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The IDT Log Splitter Attachment can easily be operated by a single person to efficiently split large amounts of wood. The whole job can be carried out from inside the cab, and you won't believe how quickly a cord of wood can be split, hardwoods included. These attachments are fully enclosed to maximize durability and ensure they run for years, and use a 10" I beam, making the structure rigid and tough enough to last through thousands of uses. 

The splitter comes in 2 different models: Horizontal or Inverted. The Inverted (First picture) model points straight out from your machine.  The Horizontal model (Second picture) is mounted perpendicular to the machine, and the wood is split on the right hand side of the machine.

Also choose between 20 ton (4" Hydraulic Cylinder) or a 40 ton (5" Hydraulic Cylinder) options. Add the additional 4 way head to split logs into quarters with one pass. 


  • Standard 20 ton 4″ x 30″ cylinder
  • Optional 40 ton 5″ x 30″ cylinder
  • 10″ I beam
  • Optional 4 way head
  • Powder coated