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Dirt Auger Bits

Dirt Auger Bits

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All bits are 4 foot length - beware of dealers selling 3 foot bits "cheaper" !!! – double flighting !!!

Our heavy-duty double-flight augers are the most common we build. their double-flighted construction gives you more capability to move dirt out of a hole faster. they’re great in digging conditions of light-to-moderate difficulty. they're built with a one-piece cast steel boring head that the replaceable teeth bolt onto. by using a casting, we can pitch the teeth at different angles for a more aggressive digging action. all our competitors use a flat piece of steel to hold the teeth on their standard augers. this restricts them to digging at only one angle.



*** All bits come in 2" female hex drive, if you need a different size let us know.

***All Premier augers are represented by the manufacturer "premier hydraulic augers" in Fort Wayne, In. to be made in the USA.  I Dig Texas cannot confirm the origin of each part and piece in premier products so the possibility of "foreign components" within the USA fabricated and assembled Premier products is likely.