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TPD500 Center Mount Texas Post Driver Skid Steer Attachment

TPD500 Center Mount Texas Post Driver Skid Steer Attachment

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Step 1: Add 3 ft. high fence mount
Step 2: Add T-post Adapter


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We keep hundred's of these very popular skid steer post drivers in stock.  Ready to ship today!

The TPD-500 series skid steer post driver will blow you away!

We dare you to compare!  There is no better value, quality, and service than at I Dig Texas, period!  The Montana Post Driver "T-Rex 350" has been turned into a fossil by the Texas Post Driver 500 series post driver skid steer attachment. The Danuser T3 has been terminated!  The TPD-500 post driver skid steer attachment is "Ready to work" as it includes a fully welded and gusseted mount to a solid blank for immediate hook-up ready to work in seconds!

Let's compare:

  • The TPD-500 boasts a 5" diameter receptacle/strike plate vs. The 3" on the Danuser T3 and 3.5" on the Montana Post Driver
  • The TPD-500 flat strike plate is designed for t-posts, oilfield pipe "Drill stem", and posts up to 4.5" outer diameter! Will not mushroom your posts
  • The TPD-500 grease zert is placed in front of the driver for easy access. The Montana uses a 90 degree rear mount which is weaker, breaks easily, and difficult to access
  • The Montana T-Rex basic unit  rattles and vibrates and wears out the fork frame mounting rail
  • The Montana T-Rex T-350 is only 350 ft lbs of striking force vs. The TPD-500 with a monsterous 500 ft. lbs. of energy
  • The Danuser T3 strikes with approximately 40 ft lbs of striking force (pretty wimpy!)
  • The Danuser T3 has a mechanical spring that is very well known to be a major weak point that commonly breaks
  • The TPD-500 mount is made in Texas. Fully gusseted for many years of use.
  • We sell these units direct to the public not through dealers so we can handle customer service directly and pass on the savings.
  • We stock massive quantities of drivers ready to ship direct to you, we don't "drop-ship" our hammers, no delays on delivery
  • The TPD-500 hits harder, has no mechanical springs, and boasts a LIFETIME warranty direct from IDT! (original purchaser)


On our Kubota SSV75 the height measurement to the post driver dome tool is 10 ft. 4 in.

The TPD - Texas Post Drivers - 500 ft. lb. series of post drivers will impress you, big time!  Compact, versatile, and powerful!  After years of requests for a compact nitrogen charged power cell type hammer, we have delivered!  Whether you are driving t-post or drill stem the TPD-500 series will blow you away!

Unit weight: 340 lbs.

What makes all Texas Post Drivers different (better) than the “other” options on the market?

  • All Texas Post Driver mounts, adapters, hoses, & couplers are sourced here in the good ol’ USA (TX & OK)
  • All Texas Post Drivers come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY – direct from the manufacturer!
  • All Texas Post Drivers utilize the same proven nitrogen power cells that have reliably powered all Texas Post Drivers for years