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IDT WoodChuck Disc Mulcher 44"

IDT WoodChuck Disc Mulcher 44"

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The Woodchuck Forestry Disc Mulcher 44" is the newest edition to our cutter line-up.  The Woodchuck Disc Mulcher features a 44" diameter cutting area, and a machined and statically balanced disc. Choose between a standard flow (20-30 GPM) with a 100cc motor or high flow (32-48 GPM).

*** Beware!  These are not for sissies!  You must have a cab (a/c & heat)!

These disc type mulchers all have a 4-8" (manufacturer's recommended) cutting capacity.  These mulchers will suck up a 8" tree and spit it out with ease. Take your time and tackle trees larger than 8".  The size of the disc and motor only help speed to the finish line quicker, not more "cutting capacity".

52" in total width

37" height

56" front to back

The disc holds a total of 34 mulching teeth.  Beast teeth!

44" diameter disc-no welding

100 & 150cc motor

3/8" deck and sides

Cuts below ground!

Teeth on all surfaces

1" hinged deflector plate

Nimble and easily maneuverable!

If you are looking at a diamond disc mulcher, don't waste your money!!!  We challenge any disc mulcher on the market to a head to head battle!

2085 lbs